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Welcome to Renejuste Law & Associates website. Renejuste Law & Associates is a General Practice Law Office that handles ALL cases including but not limited to the following:

Criminal Handcuffed
Criminal Defense:
  • DUI; DWI; Driving Under the Influence;
  • DWLS; Driving While License Suspended; Habitual;
  • Burglary; Robbery; Theft; Petite Theft
  • Domestic Violence; Violation of Injunction
  • Warrants; Failure to Appear; Failure to Register
  • Jail Visits; Bond Motion; Bond Modification
  • VOP Hearing; Violation of Probation;
  • Driving Without a License;
  • Trespass; Violation Stay Away Order;
  • ALL Misdemeanors; First degree; Second degree;
  • Possession; Possession of Cocaine; Felony Possession of Marijuana; Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana;
  • ALL Felonies; First degree; Second degree; Third degree
Family Hugging
Family Law:
  • Divorce; Separation; Contested and Uncontested Divorce; Stipulation of Dissolution of Marriage;
  • Domestic Violence; Violation of Injunction;
  • Injunction; Petition for Injunction;
  • Child Support; Child Visitation; Adoption;
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements; Post-Nuptial Agreements
Dollar Bills from Small Claims
Small Claim Suits:
  • Plaintiffs
  • Respondents

Traffic Cop Car
  • Speeding; Following too Closely; Mandatory Appearance; Driving too slowly; Tag Light out;
  • Illegal Turns; Illegal U-Turn; Headlights out; Habitual;
  • Driver License Restoration; Driver License Suspended
Foreclosure sign
Other Areas of Practice:
  • Foreclosure; Hearing; Notice of Appearance;
  • Immigration (citizenship and green card hearings); G28